Purple Knitted Jacket & Beret for American Girl Dolls

4:21:00 AM

Another showcase of my mom's knitting. This jacket and beret are from a pattern this time. This pattern used to be free on the Wollyonline website but due space issues on the site I had to remove all knitting patterns AND it's only in Dutch : ) Since I cannot knit, I cannot translate it but it's fun to see on the doll.
If you would like the Dutch pattern, please let me know and I will send it on. It's for a different doll but as you can see, it's quite the right fit.

These are 'my' usual socks. I make these with every outfit I sew these days, they are quick and exceptionally cute!
Another fun outfit that was a joy to put together! I hope that you are finding inspiration in the clothes, that is what it's all about : )
Christel Dekker

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  1. Is there a way to still get your knitting patterns.

  2. yes, if you can read Dutch, you can email me and I can send you the Dutch version...