DIY English Country Style Outfit for American Girl Dolls

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The idea for this outfit started with the red vest. My mom knitted this gem in an afternoon, as always without a pattern. She had quite a job putting it together because she was working with a dire shortage in the yarn department.... after seeing it finished, I knew it was the start of a great English Country Style Outfit.
Look at the great fit of this vest. I don't know how my mom does it but I wish I could knit like she can. In reality the vest is a bright red color. The photo's always wash out a little on the blog.
Sock detail. These socks are easy to say the least. I use wonder tape to stick small 1/4" seam allowance at the top to the wrong side, once that is done, a child could easily sew the socks. They also look lovely when you bunch them up.
An English Country Style outfit of course needs flat cap. And this cap is as fun as they come. I made my life a little complicated by using corduroy, it's a pile fabric and will travel in the direction of the fibers... usually not all that much of a problem but these pieces are small and a bit of a shift becomes visible in a hurry.
The corduroy skirt is a staple in my outfits because it requires next to no fabric and is very quick to stitch together. Quick results, perfect for me!
The flat cap has elastic in the back, it was a bit fiddly but well worth the trouble. When you look at the pattern photo of the flat cap it looks completely different, it's stiff and high but when you make it, it's truly a great little accessory.
Three buttons on the red vest, a fun detail on the back. I cannot knit but this I can do : )
Sock detail in the back. This is where the one and only sock-seam sits. These are now also a staple in all my outfits. Quick results, yep, brilliant!

What you need to sew the Socks & Flat Cap:
McCall's Doll Craft Pattern 6804

Pattern changes that I made:
One of the center back seams of the socks is exactly 1/4" shorter than the other.
I made both seams the longer length.

The Flat Cap has elastic going into the sides, I shortened the elastic and only put it in the back.

What you need to sew the Corduroy Doll Skirt:
Simplicity Doll Craft Pattern 5733
Pattern changes that I made:
On the skirt I changed quite a few things, the width and the length, considerably.

What you need to sew the T-Shirt:

Simplicity Doll Craft Pattern 1580 = 7083
Pattern changes that I made:
This is by far my favorite shirt. The shirt has a pretty tall collar, I cut the collar as per the pattern but fold it over the seam and then cut the extra seam allowance on the inside.

Christel Dekker

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  1. This outfit is lovely! Your garments go perfect with the vest your mom made. I love the socks and cap! Do you buy these patterns here or do you order them from abroad? I just discovered your blog, and will keep following, your clothes are beautiful. I don't have an American Girl yet, but do plan on buying an Addy Walker this year to sew for :-). Groetjes :-)

  2. Hi, Thanks for the compliments : ) I buy all my patterns in the US when I'm there. Happens about twice a year and that is just about enough...

    Addy is a lovely doll, you will enjoy sewing for her so very much!