Make your own American Girl Socks & Quilted Winter Vest

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The quilted vest is the same material as the blue coat, a single layer quilted polyester. If you can find a fabric like this, buy it! It's great for these clothes, stitches easily, looks nice and warm but handles like regular fabric and because it's decorated, not many extras are needed.
The T-shirt pattern is listed in the previous post. The shoes are from the doll clothes store, very cute patent pink sandals with fun stitched accents.
The socks are my favorite new pattern. Only a tiny remnant will make you a pair of fun doll socks and every single T-shirt I sew these days, gets a matching pair of socks. Takes no time at all to add these.
 The way the vest is put together is very easy, no overlap means that the front works a lot easier.

What you need to sew the Winter Vest:

Simplicity Doll Craft Pattern 5676

Pattern changes that I made:
The vest had a zipper. I changed it to an overlap by extending center front and the collar 1/8" out towards center front. A bit more would work too. I also cut a rich seam allowance along the top of the collar, making it taller. And I adjusted the snap placement from conventional snap placement.

What you need to sew the Socks:
McCall's Doll Craft Pattern 6804

Pattern changes that I made:
One of the center back seams is exactly 1/4" shorter than the other.
I made both seams the longer length.

Christel Dekker

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