Make your own American Girl Ski Pants

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These ski pants for American Girl dolls are very easy to sew, you need to make some adjustments for the thickness of the fabric, I missed that, had to scramble to make it work.... but with some adjustments you are on your way to some cool pants
My mom knits and she made the poncho and fun hat. I cannot knit to save my life but love the hand knitted look. Doll outfits look so much better with a combination of knitted and sewn clothes.
My mom does not use patterns, she simply starts knitting and creates these fun clothes. As a child all my dolls had knitted wardrobes,... and only knitted clothes because my mom cannot sew : )
The ski pants are lined because the purple fabric is a single layer quilted polyester with embroidery. On the inside the batting would be showing otherwise.

What you need to sew the Ski Pants:

Simplicity Doll Craft Pattern 4297

Pattern changes that I made:
Because the pants are made with a thicker fabric and are lined you need to add about 1/8" to the seat. You cut the whole piece across from center front and back to side seam, add 1/8". This ensures that you have enough seat length. 

Christel Dekker

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