Make your own American Girl Quilted Coat

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For the colder days the dolls will be nice and cozy in this handmade hooded coat. The blue quilted fabric is a single faced thin polyester. With fabric that is decorated like this one, not a lot of extras are needed.
For lining I picked a thin knit fabric, it stretches and so makes for an easier fit on the inside. In hindsight, I should have cut the lining-sleeves from slick lining, not my favorite material but easier for kids to put the jacket on.
The scarf is a brilliant knit fabric that I picked up at Hancocks a while back. It's about the best knit for doll clothes ever: all the right colors and fine knit. The scarf itself is a simple rectangle, 30.5" long and 5.5" wide, that is including seam allowance.
 The pink doll boots are from the doll clothes store. An online store with awesome doll boots.
The coat closes with Kam Snaps. These are the snaps that I use for all my doll clothes. Now that I'm in Holland I use the hand-held pliers. In Houston I have the table top press. The great thing about the hand-held tool is that it also has a removal option...
The great thing about the coat is that the front is completely straight, no overlap, there are no pockets and nothing complicated. All this makes for a quickly finished product.

What you need to sew the Winter Coat:

Simplicity Doll Craft Pattern 5733
Pattern changes that I made:
The sleeves need to be shortened about 1/2". She has her hands up because the sleeves are long.
I lengthened the coat to 12" from front shoulder. This is between the Bathrobe and Jacket length.

Christel Dekker

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