Make your own American Girl Hooded Sweater

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Sometimes a pattern surprises you, this hooded sweater did just that. In the drawing on the pattern envelope it looked a bit iffy but when sewn, it's a cutie!
This fabric is one of those amazing finds. A knit in all sorts of colors, it will work with almost anything and the knit is fine, fine enough for doll clothes.
The pattern called for a lower band but that is a look that I don't enjoy for doll clothes so I changed to be a straight lower edge. The sleeves have a cuff and that looks great.
The neck is a bit tight when you put the sweater on the first time but will get larger over time, the pattern is accommodating that very well.
The hood from the back, it's substantial ; ). This sweater is easier to sew than most clothes, it's about as fast as pants, that should tell you something. The one thing you need to make sure of is that you use a knit fabric with some stretch.
The one thing that makes sewing knits a breeze is Wonder Tape, make sure that you have some on hand for all doll clothes that are made with knit fabrics, you will love it!
Before Wonder Tape I was not so very keen on sewing with knits, now it's my favorite material.

What you need to sew the Ski Pants:
Simplicity Doll Craft Pattern 4297

Pattern changes that I made:
The lower band on the sweater is not a look that I personally enjoy so lengthened the sweater about the same amount as the band and omitted the band itself.

Christel Dekker

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