Making an American Girl Trundle Doll Bed with all possible extras

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It's that time of year again where I'm part of the silent auction for our church, my part is the computer part. On top of our auction work we are all expected to enter something into the auction and above you can see my contribution for this year.

This is the Ikea Duktig Doll bed with all the handmade trimmings I could think off and, also handmade by me, a real trundle drawer. If you would like the measurements and how I made the trundle drawer for the IKEA doll bed, let me know, I can email you the sizes and what you need. This whole ensemble was AMAZING fun to make. I had a blast.

Most of the items that you see are part of the free Wollyonline Doll Bedding pattern. This time I also made a small doll quilt, very easy strip design with a border, my own design. If you would like to have the measurement and materials, let me know, I can easily email you those.

The doll arm pillows are made with a store bought pattern: McCalls M5019. IMPORTANT: there are a few things wrong with the McCalls M5019 arm pillow pattern. This pattern does not work right away, at least I don't think so. This could be because I did not use fleece but from the look of it, the pattern problems happened when the drawing artist added the seam allowance the 'wrong' way: to the inside instead of the outside. If you have this pattern and have not been able to make the arm pillow, let me know and I will explain how to fix the pattern. These doll arm pillows are the cutest ever when they work!

Because I work these days, I do not have time to create new patterns for Wollyonline but don't worry, I'm still here and will answer questions and the Wollyonline is very much still running : )

Now it's time for PJ's and a bathrobe, what joy.

Christel Dekker

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  1. Please send me the information on adding the trundle drawer to Thanks!