Make your own American Girl Winter Wardrobe

2:20:00 AM

Every doll needs a Warm Winter Wardrobe.
Complete with coat, mittens, jacket, scarf and hat.
Coordinating items such as a pinafore, pants and T-shirt are quickly made.
The whole winter wardrobe is the result of a day sewing... : )

What you need to sew the Winter Wardrobe (see pictures below)
- For the mittens McCalls 3469, awesome design, great fun!
- For the Coat Simplicity 5733
- For the Pinafore and Shirt Simplicity 7083
- The pants, hat, scarf are my own designs.
You can download the pants free here: Free AG Pants Pattern

Pattern changes that I made:
- Shortened the coat sleeve 1/4". Not much but I liked it better.
- Added cord to keep the mittens together and in the coat, these are small.
- Widened the pinafore shoulder so I could use facing and turn, didn't use ricrac this time.

Christel Dekker 

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