Make your own American Girl Winter Vest

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This wonderful winter vest was one of those things that go off-a-cliff while you are working on it and then turns around to be one of the best things you created for the whole wardrobe it belongs to. This keeps surprising me even though it happens quite a lot: the reverse of a problem.

The vest was supposed to have a zipper, all the way to the top, and while looking at the pieces it was clear that that was not going to end well, so I turned it into a vest with buttons... aaaaand without overlap so I had to adjust the snap placement compared to 'regular' clothes otherwise the vest could not close. I also continued the quilted lining in the top-collar. "That is not how things are done." I hear you think, yes, you are correct but, well, these are doll clothes and as such 'artistic license' is a joy, just do it, don't stick to convention, do what you think is best. As long as you sew neatly and it will work in play, who is to say it's wrong?

Not to mention that because of the changes this becomes a very easy vest to sew...

What you need to sew the Winter Vest:
Simplicity Doll Craft Pattern 5676
Pattern changes that I made:
The vest had a zipper. I changed it to an overlap by extending center front and the collar 1/8" out towards center front. A bit more would work too. I also cut a rich seam allowance along the top of the collar, making it taller. I then proceeded to cut the top-collar from quilted fabric, the same as the lining and adjusted the snap placement from conventional snap placement.

Christel Dekker

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