Time to find my hobby again, time for a drastic change

9:07:00 AM

In 2015 it got very quiet on my pattern blogs and I could not for the life if me figure out what was happening. The only thing I noticed is that I was no longer sewing, didn't enjoy it anymore, where before sewing was my everyday joy.... sitting in my room, happily sewing away, always doll clothes, it never got old.

Then slowly it did, it did get old and I was no longer sewing... anything.... nothing came out of my hands and I didn't understand why. The joy somehow had disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

My husband noticed it too and he was the one who told me: "It's because you know that as soon as you finish a pattern you have to sit at the computer for a long time to make it ready for the website. So you don't sew because you don't want to do the computer part." Very matter of fact, nothing fancy...

And he was right! He is clever, he always was and as soon as I purposely made some things for fun, just for fun, no pattern involved, things were finished in no time, machines were polished up, fabrics pulled out, combinations made... the joy was back in full force! My joy in sewing doll clothes returned just like that!

And there you have it, the reason I'm no longer making patterns is that I was spending far too much time in front of a screen, hours every day, for work and then extra hours to make patterns... it was making me unhappy and ruining a hobby that I love so dearly. And now that I'm no longer making patterns, I'm happily sewing away again, what joy!

Sewing is a great hobby. I will keep sewing and will post the photos of what I make on this blog with the hope to inspire others. To make sure that you can copy what I'm doing, in case you want to get started too, I will make sure to add the patterns I used, not my own : ), and other things that may be relevant to the posts.

I have a ton of things to show you but will start with the older stuff so that you can start immediately!


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