American Girl Hello Kitty Doll Clothes for a Friend

2:45:00 PM

This casual Hello Kitty outfit, hoodie with zipper, jeans and T-Shirt was made with my (then) new machine the Husqvarna Viking Diamond DeLuxe. I made it for the daughter of a friend who loved Hello Kitty.

The hoodie is made with baby rib cord fabric, gasp, yes, this fabric has a deceptively short but still mean pile and will travel all over the place.... unless you use this machine and it's like you are using a regular cotton.

This was a huge surprise to me, corduroy is like regular fabric when you sew it with a grand machine, believe me, it never ever was before, I'm happy. The hoodie went together far too quickly... where was the desperation? The trouble? Luxury problems!

The embroidery on the jacket appears to be too far to the left,
not to worry, it's fine when the hoodie is worn by the doll
As you can see I own the genuine Hello Kitty Embroidery Card

What you need to sew the hoodie, pants and T-shirt:
- Simplicity Doll Craft Pattern 7083, hoodie & T-shirt
- The pants are made with my own MiloMila FREE pattern, you can download it here

Pattern changes that I made:
- Lengthened the hoodie front 3/4" to accommodate my longer separating zipper.
- Added 3/4" to hood front to create facing because I did not want to line the hood.
Simplicity Doll Craft Pattern 1580 = 7083
Christel Dekker

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