18" Doll Patterns, Measuring your American Girl Doll

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For the MiloMila 18" patterns I use Pleasant Company® American Girl® dolls, please note that I'm not affiliated with Pleasant Company® in any way.

To make sure that the MiloMila patterns in the shop fit your doll, you can compare the body measurements below.

Pleasant Company® American Girl® Doll Measurements

1) Total Height: 18"
2) Chest:11 1/2"
3) Waist:11"
4) Hip:12 7/16"
5) Neck to Waist: 4 3/16"
6) Inside Leg:6  11/16"
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 6 7/8"
8) Head Circumference:12 7/16"

What is an American Girl® doll?

American Girl® dolls are manufactured by the Pleasant Company®. Originally the dolls were manufactured by Gotz®. These dolls are extremely popular in the USA and when walking around in shopping malls you will almost always see a little girl with an American Girl® doll. The dolls are made to the highest standards and wear the real kanekalon wigs. They are fully posable and can stand on their own. They have a fabric body.
Pleasant Company® American Girl® Doll

The doll in the photos is my own American Girl doll. Her code is G1950. I chose her because she has easy to maintain hair and a has a beautiful medium skin color.

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