MiloMila is live! Doll Patterns for American Girl Dolls

8:37:00 AM

MiloMila Jeans and V-Neck shirt pattern for American girl dolls.
MiloMila has gone live today and the first 2 patterns for American Girl Dolls are available on the MiloMila website.

The first pattern is the one you see in the picture, it's a great American Girl Doll Jeans pattern plus a must have V-Neck shirt. The shirt comes with 2 sleeve lengths, full length and 3/4. The other pattern is a free American Girl Doll pattern.


Note: I'm not affiliated with American Girl or any other doll manufacturer.

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  1. I found your site and can't wait to try out the jeans pattern. It looks fun! I can't wait for other patterns from you. I'm particularly interested in coats, hoodies, and dresses.

  2. I've visited your site several times over the past year. It has great potential....please keep moving forward with it. I recently purchased your Jeans and V-neck Tee pattern and plan to use it soon. I can tell it's going to be wonderful. Thanks for the videos and the free pattern.


  3. I bought several one-size Simplicity 18" doll patterns for my granddaughter's American Girl Doll. I didn't realize that the patterns do not have a measurement chart on the back of the pattern. From measuring her doll and comparing it to the pattern it appears that I have about 1/2" of ease around the chest and waist. Is this enough ease or should I increase the pattern by 1/4"? I am conflicted and purchased around $40 in material, buttons and trim. Any suggestions?

    1. That should be enough. I normally find that Simplicity patterns are by no means too small : )