18" Doll Jeans Sewing Videos, techniques and tips

3:35:00 PM

The last few days I have been busy creating doll clothes sewing technique videos with tips and information on how I sew my doll jeans. It really is a shock to hear your own voice... : ) and I had to do quite a few retakes because I could not stop laughing at myself.

After all the fun, there are 4 doll clothes jeans sewing technique videos in all:
I'm very sorry but after I was done, I noticed that my camera has a funny way of keeping my sewing machine in focus and not my 'handy' work but I hope that the videos are clear enough to see the techniques.


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  1. Videos were helpful - thanks. I downloaded your free pattern & will be making the pants. Nice of you to offer it for free. Looking forward to more patterns/designs from you.